If you are interested in story telling and photography this course is for you!

Photography + Writing = eBook   

Learn how to combine photography (or scanned images) and digital writing to create a digital book ready for publication. Digital books may contain photos, text, audio files, and short movie clips. The class is held over 3, 2 hour sessions. 

This class will introduce participants to apps and programs that allow for writing, photo editing, design and digital book creation. Students may choose to bring their own computers/mobile devices to class, but are encouraged to use equipment provided by WestView Learning.

The topics for your book could include non-fiction topics such as…

  • My Garden, my home, my family, family history
  • How to Instructions Like:  A Recipe Book,  A Build It Book..
  • Travel Adventures – locally or further afield
  • Collections
  • Other topics as per your interests

Topics for  fiction titles could include story books for children that use photographs to highlight the text – such as poetry or local adventure stories.

Dates: Fall 2017 TBA

Cost: $99 + GST 

Note:  a minimum of 2 registrants are required for this course to proceed.  Register early as there is only room for 4 participants.

Course Content….

Week 1 – The Basic Elements

  • Exploring the steps in Digital Book Writing and Publishing
  • Creating a story map and outline for your digital book
  • Working with your images 
    • Learn the basics of photography to can get the most out of your camera!
    • Learn the basics of a photo editing program to optimize your photographs
    • Learn the basics of art program to further adjust and layer images to create your final image

Week 2  The First Draft!

  • Working together to edit and extend the story maps and outlines into the first draft of the digital book
  • Editing chosen images
  • Creating a layout design for your eBook.

Week 3  Formatting  & Creation of the eBook

  • Fine tuning the layout design of your eBook
  • Transferring text and images into the eBook Application
  • Steps to distribution of eBook


To arrange for a course or personal coaching, please call  250  701-3359  or email