Windows 10 Courses

WestView Learning provides instruction on how to tame your Windows Computer running Windows 10.  Each course consists of 3, 2-hour sessions that break down the mystic of the operating system and basic programs to manageable steps.

Introduction to Windows Computers for Seniors – NEW!

You’ve never used a computer before, but you want to learn about how computers can be helpful before you buy a computer. Computers will be provided by the instructor for this course.  Learn how to turn on, log in, and navigate on the web in this basic introductory course.

Dates:  TBA

Cost:  $36       

Introduction to Windows 10 

Learn the basic features/landscape of Microsoft’s Windows 10.  Personalize your system, take control of your account, manage updates, and learn the basic applications and skills necessary to search the web, send/receive email, add applications, customize your desktop/start menu.


Session 1: November 20, 27, Dec 4, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Cost: 3 Sessions $75

Going Deeper with Windows 10

Extend your understanding of different browsers/options and manage multiple windows.  Learn to organize, access, and share your photos and videos. Personalize your computer account to optimize your Windows 10 experience.

Dates: Fall Dates TBA

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To arrange for a course or personal coaching, please call  250  701-3359  or email