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WestView Learning is fortunate to have the following teachers available for music and art classes at Somenos Elementary.


Meet Daniel Martins: Producer, Composer, Educator

A classically trained pianist from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Daniel’s love of composition and music production has taken him on many exciting adventures throughout the entertainment industry – From working with chart topping artists, to scoring some of your favourite films and television shows, he is most comfortable in the recording studio, creating and pushing the limits of contemporary music.

Even with intense production schedules and deadlines, Daniel still finds time to teach and mentor students of all ages, and various needs. “It’s important to give back to the community, in any way you can. My gift is music, and I have this responsibility to share everything I have learned, to those who want to learn and who want to be a part of this amazing industry. I am grateful for the many music educators, composers and music producers who gave me a chance, who believed in me, especially during those times when I didn’t believe in myself. I don’t think I’ll ever stop teaching and paying it forward”.

Daniel is the resident composer and one of several top music producers at Electric City Sound in Victoria, BC. You can also find him teaching piano, and leading music production workshops around town.

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Meet Victor Arcega, MFA    

Victor Arcega is an artist teacher, artist, art consultant, critic and writer. He is professor at Victoria College of Art, teaching drawing, illustration, painting, design and aesthetics. He was a former art editor for a Southam newspaper, former ad writer and creative director for two Canadian advertising agencies, newsman for two major Canadian newspapers, including two major dailies for Los Angeles, California. He has exhibited drawings and paintings in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Canada. He holds an MFA in painting, and is an aikido sensei.

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