A significant number of children have language based learning differences and require a very direct, multi-sensory approach in order to connect to the sounds and patterns in our language. Following the methodology of the Orton Gillingham instructional approach, WVL staff are able to offer intensive 1-1 sessions to struggling students. Please use the contact form below, or email Heather to discuss your child’s needs.


Mathematics is a language of patterns. Some students have missed key learning milestones in their studies, or have learning challenges that make the learning of math difficult. We support our student through a variety of approaches to gain the concrete experiences necessary to gain a full understanding of mathematical concepts.

How to Register

Interested parents are asked to phone or email Heather to discuss your child’s needs and to book an assessment session before registering for the weekly 55 minute tutoring times available for summer support. Assessments take approximately 75 minutes It is recommended that families commit to two sessions per week. Cost for one session per week is $40, cost for 2 sessions per week is $75. Sessions times are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. A limited number of spaces are available.