Tutoring Core Subject Areas:

WestView Learning is able to provide 1-1 tutoring to support learners ages 6-15. Please complete the form below and we will be happy to provide a suggested course of support for your learner.


Special Interest Group Learning Events:

WestView Learning is able to provide group instruction limited to 3-6 students on a variety of curriculum related topics.  Special Interest Learning Group Events are multi-age inquiry based learning scenarios.  We develop inquiry related projects that allow students to start from a common foundation, yet build their course of study based on age level, personal skills, and personal interests.  Students are guided through the project using the elements of Assessment for Learning – so they are active participants in shaping their learning course to meet the needs of their current learning responsibilities.

Fall 2018 Short Courses   – 

Writers, Illustrators, Animators Class:  Students are encouraged to create through a variety of formats as outlined in the BC Ministry of Education’s Language Arts Curriculum, Grades 3+ (specific to each registrant).  Through fiction and non-fiction tasks, students will further their understanding of how language works in creative tasks involving elements of science, socials, current events, and special interests. 

Additional Courses will be added to our fall programming by May 15th.