Customized learning for the young and young at heart!

WestView Learning is offering two opportunities for students ages 10-14 in August at Island Savings Centre.  Note:  If your child is younger but has had a fair amount of Lego experience, then they would be able to join the Programming with Lego Robots camp.

Registration:  Contact Island Savings Centre via online registration or phone: 250-748-7529


August 7th – 10th

Programming with Lego Robots #9659 ( Ages 10-14)  $180

New challenges, unique robot builds, new courses! Students work in teams to build and program robots to handle the challenges of multiple courses they co-design. Students engage in plenty of physical and mental activity as kids move from the work bench to problem solving on the field. Final day students build for a mock robot battle.

August 27th – 31st

MakerSpace Camp – #9660 ( Ages 10-14)  $225

Hands on day camp engages students who love DIY, creating, crafting, hacking, tinkering, & learning. Projects include electronics, coding, paper and cardboard structures, and creating unique simple robots.