Visual Arts with Victor Arcega


Victor Arcega, MFA

Victor Arcega is an artist teacher, artist, art consultant, critic and writer. He is professor at Victoria College of Art, teaching drawing, illustration, painting, design and aesthetics. He was a former art editor for a Southam newspaper, former ad writer and creative director for two Canadian advertising agencies, newsman for two major Canadian newspapers, including two major dailies for Los Angeles, California. He has exhibited drawings and paintings in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Canada. He holds an MFA in painting, and is an aikido sensei.

“I found him to be a dedicated educator.  His method of teaching was unhurried and most conscientious; he’s passionate about colour theory and explained various painting techniques in an understandable format. I thoroughly enjoyed his class and learned an enormous amount.”  Mary L

2, 2-Hour Art Sessions with Victor Arcega, September 2018

Student Level:  ‘Experienced Beginner’/Intermediate

Dates:  Saturday, September 22, 29

Times:  10:00 am – Noon

Cost:  $60

This short series of 2, 2-hour drawing sessions with Victor will provide the opportunity for you to both learn techniques through direct instruction as well as allow you to bring in one personal drawing that you would like feedback to further engage in your piece.  Register Here

During this workshop, students will be surveyed to determine interest and direct content for an ongoing Painting Class, beginning Saturday October 6th.   If you are unable to attend the September series of classes, but would like to be included in the fall 2018 Painting Classes, please complete this contact form.  


Course: Drawing for the True Beginner  TBA

This course opens the art door to the foundation of all art, the drawing. It is designed to give the true beginner a good understanding of the three important principles in drawing, namely, (a) how to see, (b) how to create the form, and (c) how to express the idea.

Using pencil, charcoal and ink, the new drawers will receive guided, personalized instructions along fine arts level and standards. The course offers 7, 3 hour courses, held weekly, or a total of 21 hours. Art studies and drills cover the following topics:

  1. Drawing gestures and rendering style
  2. The meaning and function of lines, tones, mass, space and texture.
  3. The placement and arrangements of images
  4. Personal expression and interpretation.

Course: Drawing Level 2  TBA

Illustration is the lively art of drawing for fun, for personal expression or for profit. This class is for artists who have a working background in drawing and a desire to push the art and the skill further. With close lectures, demos and drills, this foundation course will explore:

  1. The rendering and drawing styles and skill
  2. The pictorial tools to develop the images
  3. The placement and compositional rules
  4. Major forms and applications of the illustration.

Course:  The Joy of Painting  TBA

Express your art in colour, surface and form. This course offers the beginning painter the principles, tools and techniques of the painting medium. Working from the basics, the lessons will explore step by step the creative use of brush, colours and design ideas. All instructions, based on fine arts standards, are hands-on, guided and personalized. 

NOTE:  This class uses water-mixable oil paints – please see attached class list for details!

The lessons cover the following topics:

  1. Learning to use the paint, brush and other tools of the art
  2. The theory and practice of colour
  3. Composition or arrangements of images
  4. Techniques that give a painting its unique expression and magical quality. 
  5. The whole course covers nine weeks or a total of 32 hours of class study and drills.