WordPress for Home Business

Learn how to create a WordPress site to improve your business outreach and customer experience. The class is held over 3, 1.5 hour sessions.

A minimum of 2, maximum of 4 participants are required for this course to be offered.

Cost:  $70 + GST for 3, 1.5 hour sessions  (Total 4.5 hours)

Dates: Spring 2017 upon request 

To arrange for a course or personal coaching, please call  250  701-3359  or email

Session 1:   The Basics of WordPress

Note:  During this session students will be exploring sample WordPress installs to prepare for creating their own WordPress installation in the 2nd, 3rd sessions

  1. Mapping your site’s purpose
  2. Set up details: domain, hosting services, cpanel interface
  3. Walk through the WordPress Dashboard’s Settings and Appearance
  4. Selecting a theme – considerations to keep in mind
  5. Basic pages, posts

Sessions 2: Setting up your own WordPress

  1. Review of your site’s particulars:  host, domain, etc
  2. Review of the dashboard with emphasis on personalizing chosen themes, managing users, blog settings, etc.
  3. Adding Media to the Library
  4. Creating basic pages based on your site’s map/outline created in Session 1
  5. Introduction to common types of plugins: fonts, media

Session 3:  Plugins Search Engine Optimization,  and Maintenance Routines

  1. Review of status of each participant’s site according to their business map for the site
  2. Continuation of exploration of plugins including forms, and membership
  3. eCommerce overview – considerations