WestView Learning offers tutoring ages 6 through adult in literacy and numeracy. Specialized reading, writing, and mathematics instruction is available for learners struggling to make sense of symbol sound/meaning relationships. Cost for private, personalized tutoring sessions are…

  • $60 for 50 minute, once per week
  • $110 for 2, 50 minute lessons per week

The Orton Gillingham is a multi-sensory approach to teaching literacy to struggling learners with dyslexia or other challenges that have caused disruptions in connecting sounds to the symbols used to represent our english words early in our reading and writing learning.

Key to successful tutoring is the match of tutor to student, determining the methods of instruction suited to the learner’s needs, and the functional, independent level the learner is currently at, and then moving them to become aware and articulate their learning process – metacognition (thinking about one’s thinking), in order to build their tool box of strategies to be successful.

Step 1: First step, we book an assessment block to meet the prospective student, determine the fit for student, generally assessing areas of concern, comfort in working with our staff and learning about their own learning. This first visit lasts approximately 60-75 minutes depending on the child, and will include a short chat with the parent at the end of the session follow by a summarizing email and a suggested plan of action. Cost of assessment session is $125.00

Step 2: Tutoring sessions on site at WVL – preferable twice weekly, 50 minutes in length. Cost for the 2 sessions per week is $110.


Step 2: Twice a week in person is not possible but one in person, and one visit via zoom is possible. Content will vary between in person/virtual visits but the length of each visit will remain 50 minutes, occurring twice weekly, and cost $110/week. Note: Students will require a tablet or computer with a camera for the zoom so that the instructor can see the student during the session.


Step 2: Sessions are once a week for 75 minutes. Cost is $80 Progress is much slower in this program due to the time in between each session. However, progress can be made. Practice activities are given for rehearsal 3-4 times between lessons.

Cancellation Policy

Note: Tutoring times are held for your child. If you are able to notify WVL 36 hour prior to your scheduled lesson time, this time will be used for another child and you will not be charged. If you cancel prior to 48 hours of your time you will not be charged for your appointment. Cancellation between 48 hours and 24 hours prior to your appointment time and you will be charged 50% of your normal fee. Full fees are charged for cancellations within 24 hours of appointment. If your child misses or cancels 4 visits within a term, we will revisit your needs for tutoring as there are kids on the waiting list who may be able to come each week.